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Demos is a compilation of songs that are the actual demo recordings used to "pitch" songs to recording artists. Recorded at various Nashville studios from 1985-2005, all of these demos are sung by Richard. 1) Come From The Heart (R.Leigh/S.Clark)
2) That's The Thing About Love (R. Leigh, G. Nicholson)
3) Somewhere In My Broken Heart (R. Leigh/ B. Dean)
4) Someday I May Rise Above It All (R. Leigh/ J.D. Martin)
5) Spanish Fire (R. Leigh/ L. Martine, Jr.)
6) Voices Singing (R. Leigh/ B. Dean)
7) Southern Pine (R. Leigh/ B. Livsey)
8) Ode To Azalie (R. Leigh/ L. Martine, Jr.)
9) Emily In April (R. Leigh)
10) Cold Day In July (R. Leigh)
11) The First Cub Scout (R. Leigh)

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